Welcom to USIIC | U.S.-India’s Importer’s Council

U.S.-India Importers’ Council is a not-for-profit initiative started by a Group of Indian SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) Importers, responsible for Imports of over $1 billion from the USA.

Our Genesis goes back to post U.S. President’s visit to India in 2010 and US Department of Trade & Commerce well thought with Founder Directors of USIIC to form a Council for Indian Importers to source from US and US Exporters / Manufacturer Export to India (with key focus on SMEs) through a formal MOU with the U.S. Commercial Service, International Trade Administration, US Department of Commerce.

USIIC is a unique, not-for-profit Organisation serving specific requirements of Importers in India and acting as an Intermediary Organization to facilitate Partnership /Trade between Indian and American Businesses. USIIC plays a critical role in promoting Economic Growth between the US and India, with a key focus on helping Indian Importers to source from US and US Exporters to export into India.

Message from the Chairman

Dear Members, Friends, and Well-wishers of the USIIC,

I am indeed delighted and extremely pleased to inform you of the auspicious launch of the revamped and brand new USIIC website www.usiic.in and www.usiic.org (? Confirm) and in conjunction with the inauguration of the USIIC office headquartered in Mumbai.

US-India Importer’s Council established in 2011 is a not-for-profit apex bi-lateral chamber synergizing US – India business trade initiatives. As a partner with the U.S. Commercial Service under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce, USIIC has been on a mission to catalyse US–India trade, working with businesses from both the US and India. This site has been created keeping in mind the stellar and remarkable spirit of this amazing relationship.

The website is a landmark in its offering. It brings to the fore new features, facilities, and useful information that I am quite sure that you will find immensely useful. As with it, the new office to bring the twin benefits to assist you with the Council and your membership needs. It is my sincere endeavour that with the benefits gleaned we will be in a position to assist and guide you accordingly. I am also quite confident that through this site, we will find ample opportunities to reach out to many more potential members and key stakeholders to maximize their contributions and resources as per their respective needs.

Some of the website's salient and newly introduced features include:

A dedicated Members section for enrolments, payments, and other membership-related activities. USIIC Chapters and activities
Seminars and Conferences i.e. both by USIIC and from External organisers instead of an Event Calendar, for you to enroll, sponsor, and participate.
Media Room for news and specific announcements, programmes including a Media kit for the press to avail and use for the greater visibility of the Council.
Awards & Recognition Programmes
Chairman, Board of Directors- Past and Current with profiles roles, and duties at the Council
USIIC – History and Milestones of Past Chairmen, Board of Directors – their invaluable and immense contributions
Women’s Section

All of these have been well thought through and I would like you to maxmise their use as I look forward to your continued association, invaluable feedback, and ways to improve it further to enhance its purpose, and who knows the possibility of it winning awards!

Last but not least, I thank all the members for their continuous support, and I am grateful that they will continue to support all our initiatives in the future as well.

With Best Wishes & Warm Regards

Ashish Pednekar
Chairman – USIIC

Key Initiatives

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Live Updates

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